As a model,Marcie M. catching the eye of many clients and fashion followers in Paris even while still at school studying management, she has had years to build her skills and contacts in the industry.
A little later, modeling, editorials and her own fashion book/magazine ignited her interest in photography. This art-Versatile woman  learning from differents experiences, picking up techniques from magazines, video tutorials and as assistant photographer. It didn’t take long for her to flip the lens, and start to capture the world through her fresh, colorful perspective.
What is unique about Marcie M.’s Photo is that she has culminated her background modeling and sketching to create customized experiences for her clients. She understands what works to make a pretty picture. Post-production is at the heart of what sets her apart.  Marcie’s keeneye for style shines brilliantly through her vibrant photos and clean editing.

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